The Beauty of San Francisco: 3 Places You Must Visit

Planning a trip to California? Or even simply dreaming of visiting the alluring atmosphere of the Golden State? You’re definitely on the right track. With endless activities and countless photo-ops, San Francisco is an exceptional city – a MUST if you visit Cali.

The Golden Gate Bridge

If you are an admirer of sunsets and magnificent views, time your Golden Gate visit around sunset. In December of 2017, I visited the bridge and picked two different locations to view the bridge at sunset:

Baker Beach

Don’t be afraid to grab some take out (possibly the reputable In-N-Out Burgers) and set up a blanket on the beach in order to make the most of your experience. Although this beach is not secluded by any means, it makes for a great view of the bridge at all times.

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North Vista Point(Marin Side)

For a closer look at the bridge the Vista Point is a great option! Tourists are well-aware of the different points so you should anticipate not being the only one there. The Vista Point is a great place to get some height in order to get the best view. Not only do you get a full-length view of the bridge, but you can also see the beautiful city of SanFran as an incredible background. If you happen to stay past sunset, the lights from the city illuminate the view. Take caution- parking on the Marin Side is diffcult and you may have to do some walking.

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The iconic bridge is accentuated in both locations, you can’t miss it!

Fisherman’s Wharf (PIER 39)

Great food, great products, great entertainment.

SHOPS: The Fisherman’s wharf displayed a variety of shops – all containing the famous state animal, the California grizzly bear. The Pier is home to book shops, gift shops, cafes, magic shops, sunglasses hut, and several clothing stores. Finding a souvenir will be an easy task.

FOOD: In addition to assorted shops, there is an array of restaurants that all contain different types of food. Even if you don’t like seafood, you won’t have a problem finding a place to eat, but you may have to struggle deciding between many!

ENTERTAINMENT: While we were walking around, my family and I stumbled upon a magic show which kept us entertained while we waited for food. You can expect to see at least one street preformer during your stay. Don’t foget to visit the well-known Sea Lions who can be quite energetic if you watch them long enough.

The wharf is a great place to spend a few hours and grab some lunch or dinner while being entertained.

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Golden Gate Park

Pack your sneakers! Golden Gate park is a scenic area right near the Golden Gate Bridge. The park has many elements that make it worth visiting.

ACTIVITIES: Golden Gate park has a wide display of activities, including ice skating (depending on the season), the academy of sciences which holds an aquarium as well as a planetarium, a japanese tea garden, a carousel, an old dutch windmill, and so much more. Definitely plan out your day in advance!

ANIMALS: The scenic park is home to many animals from all over. Within the Academy of Sciences there are 38,000 live animals on display, the park possesses a bison paddock, and as you are walking you will be sure to stumble upon some unique-looking birds!

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California is absolutley beautiful in it’s own ways, and San Francisco is one of the unique aspects of the Golden State.

*All photos taken by me! Check out my Portfolio for more photos from SanFran 

*Ig: @photographykmb

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