Fort Wetherill State Park- A Hidden Gem

Fort Wetherill State Park is located in Jamestown, Rhode Island and maintains a magnificent view of Newport Harbor. 

Fort Wetherill History

Fort Wetherill is a former coastal defense battery and training camp that dates back to the American Revolution as American colonists constructed a fortification to protect Newport, RI from British attacks. In December of 1776, the British captured Jamestown along with Newport and during the Battle of Rhode Island, the troops of the French fleet occupied Jamestown. Now, the Fort is an open attraction to anyone looking for beautiful views.

Activities Offered at Fort Wetherill


During my experience at the Fort, I was able to go snorkeling. Although the temperature of the water was very cold, I was able to see a variety of fish and plants as I dove in. Make sure to bring equipment if you do plan on snorkeling– there is no program offered to teach you how to snorkel or give you the gear you need.  

I am not certified to scuba dive, but the Fort is an extremely popular place for divers. There is a small, secluded beach that makes the water very accessible, especially to Scuba Divers.


Fort Wetherill is one of the most unique places I have ever been. Not only does it have historical significance, but it also is full of art. Graffiti covers the Fort– inside and out. The Fort is open for exploration so make sure pack a flashlight as exploring the inside of the Fort is dark (and a little creepy!).


You have the freedom of following the trails that branch off of the Fort which all lead to beautiful views. I followed a few trails that led out to stunning cliffs which had a spectacular view of Newport Harbor.


The Fort is located on a mass of land full of picnic tables. These tables are spread out throughout the land both in the sun and in the shade. If you plan a day trip, a picnic is a great idea — there are no food vendors at the park so you must bring your own!


As mentioned previously, the Fort is surrounded by water, so there are several places where you can swim! Make sure to time your visit wisely as the water takes a while to heat up.


The park is settled on 61 acres of land; therefore, there is an abundance of opportunities for outdoor activities. Biking is perfect in this location as there are trails in most directions.


Another activity that many visitors participate in is fishing! There is a plethora of fish as well as surrounding waters so you will be sure to catch something during your stay!

See my highlights when during my visit to Jamestown in the video below.

Activities Offered in the Surrounding Areas

Rhode Island is a beautiful, historic place that provides plentiful activities to any visitor. There are plentiful State Parks and recreation throughout the state which can be seen here.

Some of these recreations include state beaches, campgrounds, parks, farms, and more. When visiting Rhode Island, there are plenty of activities to participate in, and Fort Wetherill is a tucked away gem that is worth a visit!

*To see my photo gallery from my experiences click here*

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