Visiting Block Island

What is Block Island?

Block Island is an island located 12 miles off of the coast of Rhode Island and is known for its free public beaches, sparkling clear waters, dramatic bluffs, preserved open spaces, and fun-filled activities for visitors of all ages. Not only is it currently a beautiful place, but it also has an interesting history: Block Island originally formed as a result of a glacier that left rolling hills and ponds behind. This island has become a place for adventure seekers, beach lovers, hikers, those who want to relax, and more–there is something for everyone! (See Below)

What Activities Does Block Island Offer?

Whether you want to sit by the ocean while enjoying the sun’s rays or want to go parasailing, Block Island offers a wide array of activities for anyone interested in visiting the island. Below you will find many of the activities that Block Island provides.


According to the Block Island Times, Block Island is ranked upon Coastal Living’s “21 Best Beach Vacations in the United States” proving that Block Island offers plenty of beaches of all types. The Block Island Times also explains the best beaches for each beach lover (because everyone’s needs are different).

For those people who want a quiet beach, Scotch Beach usually hosts fewer people and has plenty of room for activities like volleyball and skim boarding.


And for those who want supervision when swimming, Fred Benson Town Beach is the only beach with lifeguard patrol and bathroom facilities.


Mansion Beach is extremely popular for those who want to boogie board or body surf as the waves are slightly bigger. It is important to note that mansion beach is the farthest from town so it may require renting a car or bikes.


Beaches on the western coast, such as Gracie’s and Dorie’s Coves, are the best for sunsets.


If you do not want to swim, but fishing seems like a great activity, Coast Gaurd Beach is the beach for you.


There are beaches all over the island, so make sure you know what each beach permits for its visitors! To see a list of beaches on Block Island Times, click here.

Fun Activities for Everyone

Horseback Riding at Rustic Rides Farm: guided trail rides to the beach and nature preserve on horseback. Speaking as someone who loves horses, but never gets the chance to see them (let alone ride them), horseback riding is the perfect opportunity to expand my passion for animals and nature at the same time.

Bike Riding: There are so many bike shops surrounding the island because biking is such a popular way to get around the island. Rent a bike, moped, or even a car to get the most out of your trip to Block Island. Trip Advisor lists all of the rental stores found all over the island (click here).


Block Island hosts a variety of Water Sports for anyone who wants to test out their adventurous side. Block Island’s Parasail and Watersports offers both parasailing and banana boating.

Parasailing is “the recreational sport of soaring in a parachute while being towed usually by a motorboat.” I was able to go parasailing during my trip to Block Island, and although it was not anything too thrilling (heights do not bother me), I was able to gain a beautiful, ariel view of Block Island (See Below).

Another activity that this company offers is banana boating. Banana Boating is “a long, narrow, inflatable recreational boat that riders sit astride while being towed by a powerboat.” Through the island’s company, there can be up to 6 passengers at once which makes a great family activity.

Banana Boating

Block Island’s Heliblock offers helicopter tours which give you an amazing view of the island during 1-2 hours.

Visit the Lighthouses!

There are two main lighthouses located on Block Island. Both lighthouses are surrounded by a stunning view. These lighthouses are named Block Island North Light and Block Island Southeast Light. 

Block Island Southeast Light is one of the most popular attractions as it sits next to the Mohegan Bluffs: “clay cliffs that offer one of the most dramatic views of the Atlantic in all of Rhode Island.” Not only does this lighthouse provide a perfect view of the bluffs, but it also has a very interesting history which can be seen in New England’s Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide’s post (click here). The lighthouse is open to visitors and it costs a small fee to climb to the top of it to enjoy the full view of the bluffs.

Block Island North Light is a less popular lighthouse but is located on Cow Cove Beach which still provides a magnificent view of the island. One thing that is very unique to this lighthouse is its webcams which can be viewed at any time (Click here to see the Webcams). Both lighthouses are exceptional places to visit when touring Block Island.

Grab Some Food

There are around 40 restaurants on the island that include all types of food. No matter what you are craving, the island can provide. Trip Advisor lists the best restaurants including the top-rated Kimberly’s, the yummy Ice Cream Place, The Beached Restaurant which sits on the beach, and more. There are so many places to grab some food and enjoy the island atmosphere.

Get out there and explore!

Explore your sense to travel and plan your trip to Block Island now! This island has an activity for everyone, it is full of activities for all ages. If you want to seek further information about the island, visit Block Island Tourism Council where you can find even more information regarding the island. Good luck! You will not regret planning this trip.

For more photos from block island click here!

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  1. Tony Bozza says:

    Wow! Ive actually been here a few times and wish I read this blog before going. It gives great insight into the islands many activities! Definitely makes me want to go back. Great work!
    Can’t wait for your next blog keep it up.


    1. photographykmb says:

      Thank you for your support!


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