Places To Visit In Falmouth, MA

Where is Falmouth?

I have been fortunate enough to spend the last six summers in East Falmouth, MA. Cape Cod is the place to be for sunsets, beaches, bike trails, water sports, and more; there is always something to do. Falmouth, MA is around 20 minutes off of the iconic Bourne Bridge, and is one of the most easily accessible parts of the Cape (no three-hour drive from Bourne!). There is a population in Falmouth of around 31,000 and can grow to 150,000 during the summertime. Cape Cod is a HUGE tourist attraction for people who want to experience the fun activities found all over the Cape. After six years of exploring Falmouth, here are my recommendations of places you must visit in Falmouth, MA.

Beaches & Sunset Spots

Cape Cod is renowned for its famous sunsets and beaches as the Cape is surrounded by water. No matter where you are on the Cape, a beautiful sunset or beach is never far away. Luckily Falmouth is located in a corner of Cape Cod (see above picture) and is one of the best places (in my opinion) to experience the beauty of sunsets and beaches. Below you will find my favorite beach and sunset spots that I HIGHLY recommend you add to your bucket list!

The Knob

The Knob is my absolute favorite location in Falmouth. It embodies everything I love about nature: it has hiking paths, animals, a beach, and all of these lead to a beautiful lookout to enjoy the sunset. If you are like me and find this to be appealing just wait until you see the pictures!

The Knob is tucked away on Quissett Harbor Rd, and provides a beautiful view of Buzzards Bay when completing the hike. The Boston Globe explains the history of the Knob as “a gift to the town.” The hike up to the perch is not labor intensive and does not take very long. The Knob is open from dusk to dawn, and parking is good considering the tucked-away location of the hike. See photos below:

Old Silver Beach

Although heavily crowded, Old Silver Beach is my favorite beach in Falmouth. Old Silver is an extremely popular beach, so in order to get a parking spot, you must plan accordingly! Usually I am not fond of crowded locations, but this beach makes it all worth it.

The beach is barely rocky and has extremely smooth sand that make both swimming and laying on the beach more comfortable. When the tide is low, you can walk out extremely far before the water gets deep making plenty of room for such a crowded beach.

Another notable feature is the beach’s snack shack and restrooms. There are showers to rinse off any unwanted sand before sitting in the car, and the shack provides various options for mainly lunch foods.

In addition, you can swim out to a jetty located on the far left side of the beach, and jump off (technically, it is not allowed when lifeguards are on duty, but it is perfectly safe if you want to add something extra to your afternoon)! If you score a spot at this beach, it is totally worth a day trip, and I have found that Old Silver provides one of the best views of the sunset. For some more facts visit Cape Cod Online!

Spohr Gardens

I never fail to make a trip to Spohr Gardens every year. Spohr Gardens is located on Fells Rd, Falmouth, MA and is a beautiful walking spot. What you will see is right in the name—Gardens! Spohr Gardens is a well-kept trail that is surrounded by all different types of flowers and plant life making the spot a perfect place for photos! The walk is most popular during the spring as all of the plant life is in full bloom and butterflies are most active. A unique part of Spohr Gardens is the placement of anchors throughout the nature walk. Mr. Spohr, the founder of Spohr Gardens, collected anchors from all over the world and are all arranged throughout the walk. The Garden is also located right next to Oyster Pond, providing a beautiful view of the water as well. See photos below.

Grews Pond

After seeing a video of a rope swing online, I was so excited to try and find a place that had a rope swing in Falmouth. My family discovered Grews Pond, ” a pretty tree-lined freshwater pond with a sandy beach and lifeguarded swimming area that is popular with local families.” When I visited I only went to try out the rope swing, but during my short stay, I noticed the picnic areas, barbecue grills, volleyball net, and restrooms. The rope swing itself was made for younger kids as the water was a little shallow upon jumping in. Although Grews Pond is usually crowded, it makes a great place to spend time with your family at the beach.

Highfield Hall & Gardens

Highfield Hall & Gardens is a “vibrant cultural center surrounded by restored gardens, peaceful walking trails and conservation land.” Highfield Hall is a large house filled with different art exhibitions that are always changing. The history of this hall is even more interesting: “The story of this property is a dramatic one as it was, literally, saved from the wrecking ball in 1994 and lovingly restored, opening as a museum and historic site in late 2006.” The property is surrounded by gardens making for a beautiful walk. The hall hosts musicians to further the culture that is accentuated all throughout the property. Surrounding the house is Beebe Woods which is a hiking trail that consists of 383 acres of land. To learn more about the history of Highfield Hall & Gardens, click here.

Get Active!

Now relaxing at the beach all day does sound nice, but if you are someone like me, you feel the need to participate in some fun activities during any vacation. Falmouth offers a variety of activities to keep you active, and they are all family friendly!

Bike Trail

Although I have never formally done the Cape Cod Bike Trail, I have been biking all over Falmouth and have driven by the biking trails on several occasions. Cape Cod has miles of bike trails that make for exercising with a view. Many of the trails follow alongside the shore so there is no doubt that the salty air and wind from the sea will follow you as you are riding. Below is the Cape Cod Shining Sea Bikeway Map which “follows the original route of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad that used to run from Buzzards Bay, through North and West Falmouth, around Woods Hole and into Falmouth Station.”

Jumping off Falmouth Bridge

Okay okay, I’m a goodie-two-shoes and would never encourage breaking the rules, but jumping off of bridges is one of my favorite, thrill-seeking activities. I jump off a bridge located on Menauhaunt Road in Falmouth, MA. Technically jumping is not permitted, but after spending every summer on the Cape, I’ve noticed that the bridge almost always has people jumping. The bridge is located over an entrance/exit for boats so if you decide to jump, it is crucial to check behind and in front of the bridge for boats. Additionally, jumping during high tide from the middle of the bridge is the safest option. After jumping, swim to the sides; there are rocks that you can climb onto that bring you back up to the bridge. There is sometimes a current so make sure to swim! There have been occurrences where authorities have asked us to stop, but there have also been cases where we are just reminded to be safe. Always act with respect in both of these scenarios! And be safe!


Whether you are lying at the beach all day and getting your tan on or biking for hours on the iconic bike path, you are eventually going to need to indulge in some of Falmouth’s delicious food. There are restaurants EVERYWHERE and choosing a place to eat will be difficult. After years of going to all different restaurants, I have narrowed my favorites down to the list below.

The Flying Bridge

The Flying Bridge is a waterfront seafood restaurant that has been operating for over 20 years. I love this restaurant not only because of the gorgeous view of Falmouth Harbor, but also there has always been GREAT customer service. No matter who we have serving us, he/she is always making us smile. See the gorgeous view below.


Simply Devine

Located in the center of Falmouth, Simply Devine is known for its pizza, gourmet salads, sandwiches, and pasta. Because it is located in a crowded area, the restaurant usually has a short wait, but the food is absolutely worth it! I have gotten all different pizzas and salads and I am never disappointed with my meal. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who visits Falmouth Villiage.

Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

My family loves our Irish roots and Irish restaurants with live music are always something we are looking for. Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, also located in Falmouth Villiage, has been open for over 20 years. Listed on the Pub’s website: “we’ve been Cape Cod’s favorite location for Irish music, live entertainment, freshly prepared traditional Irish foods, and creative contemporary cuisine.” We took my Dad here for his birthday one year, and the performer sang to him! The atmosphere is so calming and who wouldn’t want to dine to live music?

The Clam Shack

The Clam Shack is another restaurant with a great view of Falmouth Harbor. Unlike a typical restaurant where you are seated and served, the Clam Shack allows you to order and then take your food to one of the many picnic benches surrounding the shack. There is delicious food (I got a yummy grilled cheese) with an even better view as you can sit right on the harbor.

Woods hole

Woods Hole is not a restaurant itself, but rather “a seaside village on Cape Cod sparkling with surprises and contradictions.” Woods Hole is home to many restaurants including Captain Kidd Restaurant and Bar, Quicks Hole Taqueria, and more. All of the restaurants have beautiful views of the water and serve delicious food — especially for seafood lovers. Woods Hole has many more attractions including an aquarium, several clothing shops, and even a ferry that departs to the vineyard, but the food is what stands out to me.

Visit Now!

Plan your trip to Falmouth soon! There are so many activities –especially during the summer. In Falmouth, you will find delicious food from a surplus of restaurants, perfect locations to see stunning sunsets, great trails for exercise, and so much more. Let me know if you have been to any of these places and what you think!

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