Calling all skiers!

Skiing is one of America’s favorite pastimes. As a resident of New England, I have been to slopes in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Although there may not be as much fresh powder as there would be in Colorado or Austria, there is definitley enough snow to have a great day on the slopes. I was pretty late to skiing as I started skiing at 14 years old, but I have built my way up to black diamonds since! Listed below are my top 3 places that ski in the New England Area.

Why Ski?

There are countless benefits to skiing according to Health Fitness Revolution. Some of these benefits include:

  • improves proprioception
  • strengthens bones and joints
  • boosts your mood
  • inccreases cardiovascular endurance
  • strengthens lower body muscles
  • improves balance and core strength
  • promotes deep sleep
  • improves flexibility
  • promotes healthy eating habits

With all of these benefits, why wouldn’t you ski?

My Favorite Slopes in NE

Loon Mountain, NH

Loon Mountain is a larger mountain located in Lincoln, NH. With 3 different mountain peaks, Loon provides opportunities for skiers of all levels. Loon is open from 9 to 4 during the week and day tickets can cost anywhere from $60-$80 depending on the time of the week/time of year. There are parks, woods trials, and all different levels of regular trails. Loon can become crowded on the weekends because it is well known for its season pass holders who are usually residents of the area who live right next to the slopes. Many of my visits, however, have had little to no crowds, and I have observed that lines become much shorter as the day progresses.

Trail Map

Wachusett Mountain, MA

Wachusett Mountain is a smaller mountain located in Princeton, MA. Wachusett stands out from other mountains because it has both day and night skiing. Typically ticket prices during the day are around $60, but night tickets are a little cheaper at $30. The mountain offers rentals to anyone who needs boots or skis. There are approximatley 27 trails that are groomed twice a day, and there are 8 lifts to spread out crowds. If you are an advanced skier, Wachusett is not the most challenging mountian, but it has great trails to experiment new skills (ex: woods skiing). And I cannot forget the Cider House that is located directly on the mountain (ski in and ski out). The House has cider (obviously), donuts, candy apples, pastry items, and more. See photos below!

Trail Map

Burke Mountain, VT

Burke Mountain is located in East Burke, Vermont and has plenty of trails for any skier. Day tickets cost around $50 and you can ski from 9am-4pm. This mountain tends to have more snow than the others as Burke does not use the snowmakers, especially during the winter. Burke is also slightly colder than Loon mountain, and over 10 degrees cooler than Wachusett mountain. During my stay at Burke the mountain seemed almost empty and there were barely any lines for the chair lifts.

Trail Map

Hit the slopes!

Whether or not you are from New England, I hope that you decide to add these slopes to your bucket list! Each one has its own features, and skiing is so beneficial to anyone’s health. I have firsthand seen the positive effects that skiing has and I encourage everyone to give it a try–you are never too old to start!

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  1. Tony says:

    Love how you combine pictures and videos! Makes me want to go even more, great job!!!


    1. photographykmb says:

      Thank you!


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