Sebago Lake: The Perfect Family Vacation Spot

What is Sebago Lake?

“Sebago Lake is the deepest and second-largest lake in the U.S. state of Maine. It is in Cumberland County, and bordered by the towns of Casco, Naples, Raymond, Sebago, Standish and Windham. The seasonally occupied town of Frye Island is on an island in the lake. Sebago Lake is known for its erratic and sudden changes in weather, likely due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and to Mt. Washington, a very notorious extreme weather hotspot.” –Source

Why is it a great vacation spot?

There are a variety of attributes that Sebago Lake has that is perfect for a weekend or even week-long vacation. There are a variety of fun, summer activities and certain weather conditions that make the vacation very entertaining.

Frye Island

Frye Island is a small island located in Sebago Lake. The island is home to 450 homes and you must take a ferry to get there. In my personal experience, me and the family who was hosting me planned to take a trip to the island, but the ferry tickets were very expensive (we did not even have a car). I am not sure if this has changed since but definitley expect to pay a higher price for a ticket during the summertime. Instead of taking the ferry, we took the boat over a different day where we grabbed lunch at Frye’s Leap Cafe which had a menu full of all different foods. Docking the boat can be difficult as sometimes you do have to wait for a spot on the dock, but it is doable! There are several beaches on the island that offer beautiful views of mountains like Mount Washington and sunsets/sunrises.

FRYE ISLAND, ME – MAY 14: Aerial images of Frye Island on Sebago Lake Thursday, May 14, 2015. (Photo by Gabe Souza/Staff Photographer)



If you chose to stay directly on the lake, the water is amazing for stunning. Personally I prefer swimming in lakes because I find them to be more refreshing, so this lake was ideal for my swimming! The water was very clear and with goggles (and even without) you can clearly see what is underneath you. Because the lake is so massive, the water is much cooler than the air temperature making for a very replenishing experience after sitting out in the sun.

cliff jumping

During my stay I was able to go to Frye’s leap which was a very exhilarating experience. I do not know the exact dimensions of this leap, but it is a BIG DROP. In order to make it to the top of the rock structure, we had to swim to shore from the boat, climb on the land, and hike around the rock. There were a few difficult spots of this hike as there are some leaps you have to make from rock to rock. Once at the top the idea of jumping off is quite scary, but it is very common for many boats to stop to watch the jumpers and cheer you on. With so much encouragment it is hard not to jump off (and the hike down would be even more difficult). Jumping off the rock definitley takes a lot of courage, but once you make the leap it feels so great to have accomplished something so adventurous. See the rock below.

Frye’s Leap
paddle boarding

When you get tired of swimming paddle boarding is a great option. There is rarely a current or waves on the lake when the sun is shining, so it is so easy to paddle board in the lake. Additionally you can take in the sun and jump in when it becomes too much making for a great cycle of outdoor fun.

Paddle Boarding in Sebago Lake
Boating: Tubing, water skiing, and WAKE BOARDING

If you bring your boat or rent one (I highly recommend) you can take part in activities like tubing, water skiing, wake boarding and more. You will see people participating in these water activities all over the lake because it is so common during the summertime. Sometimes boating can be a little chilly when the sun is setting or it is cloudy, but it is definitley a lot of fun!

enjoying the sun

When the weather was sunny we often found ourselves just soaking in the sun. Grab a lounge chair and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine (definitley do not forget sunscreen!).

My experience at Sebago Lake


Sebago Lake is often recognized for its extreme weather conditions and after several years of visiting the lake, I have experienced some crazy weather patterns. If you are not a fan of thunderstorms or lightening, visiting the lake during the summer may not be an ideal choice. If you admire watching storms, however, then definitley visit this lake! During my stay there was a funnel that started to form in the center of the lake and a severe storm. My friend and I sat outside the house (from a very far distance) and watched the storm approach us. It is an extremely interesting experience! A few hours later the weather was sunny and warm which goes to prove that the lake reaches both extremes of weather conditions. See the time lapse of a storm approaching below.

Storm approaching in Sebago Lake
Funnel forming during our stay at Sebago

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